We already know that installing a flat panel TV on the wall can greatly improve the flexibility and viewing quality. But most people are troubled by this question – is the TV bracket safe? The answer is yes. In today’s era, TV brackets have several security features. These features are very helpful, especially when you have pets and children.

Television in the old days was big and heavy. If it falls on someone, he may get hurt. Today’s TV is totally different from that of the past – it’s light and slim. But if it is on the table, the TV may lose its balance and fall off.

Although modern TVs are not as heavy as they used to be, a falling flat-panel TV may hurt your children or pets, or even kill them. So, hanging your flat screen TV on the wall is the safest bet you can make.

What can be done?

If you have an entertainment center at home, you can easily attach the TV to the wall. Most of the TV wall mounts are very cheap and easy to install. And it’s made of steel with guaranteed quality.

The TV installation relies on the strength of the screw on the wall to support the TV. Our products can withstand 4 times the weight of the standard – which basically means “your TV won’t go anywhere.” Xingdi offers the best choice in many cases.

Today’s TV brackets come in different types and sizes and can accommodate other electrical components. You can easily install a media device panel at the back of your TV to hide small media components, such as set top box or DVD, away from your view. In addition, the last thing you want is your child to unplug. The TV bracket can also hide these components.

With the TV bracket, your room has also been the aesthetic improvement

Of course, the safety of your child or pet is very important, but you also want to get the maximum viewing benefit from your TV. The TV bracket installation allows you to change the position of the TV screen for the best viewing angle, and even change the beauty of the whole room.

If you are looking for TV bracket manufacturer, please feel free to contact us. We are leader in TV wall mount and our products provide you with the best viewing experience, and equipped with a variety of security features.

How to verify that the TV height is enough?

Without a TV, your living room will be incomplete. Maybe you feel the same way about other living spaces, such as kitchen, home office, bedroom, etc. The process is very simple – buy a TV set, take it home, and find its ideal location. If you plan to hang the TV on the wall, you may find yourself surrounded by some questions, such as the approximate height of the TV. After installing the TV, it is important to give priority to the comfort of the audience. In addition to minimizing reflections, a comfortable viewing position is also important.

The best TV height should be noted in three levels of view and visual distance and the size of the TV.

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