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  • Durable and anti-falling design

  • Universal Compatibility

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Fixed TV Bracket Products

Model HT101

Suitable TV Size 14”-42”

VESA 200*200mm

Load Capacity 25KG

Model HT102

Suitable TV Size 26”-63”

VESA 400*400mm

Load Capacity 50KG

Model HT103

Suitable TV Size 40”-80”

VESA 600*500mm

Load Capacity 75KG

Model HT105

Suitable TV Size 55”-120”

VESA 800*600mm

Load Capacity 150KG

Model HT106

Suitable TV Size 60”-120”

VESA 900*600mm

Load Capacity 200KG

Model SH-20F

Suitable TV Size 14”-42”

VESA 200*200mm

Load Capacity 20KG

Model SH-43F

Suitable TV Size 26”-60”

VESA 400*400mm

Load Capacity 50KG

Model SH-63F

Suitable TV Size 32”-80”

VESA 600*400mm

Load Capacity 75KG

Model D2-F

Suitable TV Size 32”-55”

VESA 400*400mm

Load Capacity 50KG

Model C2-F

Suitable TV Size 32”-55”

VESA 400*400mm

Load Capacity 27KG

Model C3-F

Suitable TV Size 40”-65”

VESA 600*400mm

Load Capacity 68KG

Table of Contents

What is the fixed TV bracket?

If you want a cheap TV wall bracket, fixed TV wall mount may be your best choice.

This type of bracket can be used to hang the TV on the wall. The fixed bracket does not allow the TV screen to move too much. The idea of this mount is that it is very cautious. After installation, there is only a small space between the back of the TV and the wall.

If you want to purchase a fixed TV wall mount, please make sure that the screen is accurately placed in a position suitable for your viewing, because the screen cannot be rotated.

In addition, the fixed TV wall mount also needs a flat wall area, otherwise it will fall.

 Is the fixed TV wall mount safe?

Due to different models of brackets, the accessories inside are also different, but they can be customized according to your requirements.

As a kind of accessories, the level provides more function and helps us find the horizontal position during installation to a certain extent.

Water level is a common tool for measuring small angles. In the mechanical industry and instrument manufacturing industry, it is used to measure the inclination relative to the horizontal position, the flatness of machine tool guide rail, the horizontal and vertical position of equipment installation, etc.

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 Can the TV move easily after installation?

The TV cannot move easily after we installed the TV on a fixed wall mounted bracket because the fixed model is equipped with a unique locking hook, when installing, you must be slow and careful to prevent damage to the TV.

After all installation, acceptance shall be carried out to check whether it is firm, whether the distance is reasonable and whether the TV can be used normally, etc.

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 Advantages of fixed TV wall mount

Fixed TV wall mount not only has high quality, but also the price is absolutely favorable!

The ultra-thin design is only 20mm away from the wall. Simple structure makes the installation fast and easy. The open structure increases ventilation and makes it easier to access wires. Reduced package size can reduce transportation and storage costs.

The fixed TV bracket is made of solid large-size steel castings. Powder coating provides a smooth, modern appearance and provides higher durability. Powder coating is the process of coating powder pigment on the surface and curing. The process involves removing impurities and contaminants and then using pigments. The material is then cured at a high temperature, allowing the pigments to flow together and react chemically to form a coating.

Powder coatings are preferred for some surfaces because they contain little volatile organic compounds and do not sag or run with thicker coatings, providing the smoothest and most effective finish even on surfaces with multiple angles or depressions. The firm combination with the metal surface provides longer service life and rust resistance.

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 How about the cost performance of the fixed support?

The fixed TV bracket saves you space. TV installation is beautiful and safe, stable structure, good stability, uncomplicated installation, universal operability, low price, and the model is very popular with great demand.

However, the fixed TV bracket cannot be moved after installation, and the flexibility is poor, which is not suitable for people who want to watch movies from multiple perspectives.

Overall, the fixed TV stand has a high-cost performance.

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