How high should we hang the TV on the wall? Good question, let’s look at it together

In order to determine the ideal installation height of your TV set, we first need to know the size of the TV set, the distance between people and the TV set, the line of sight height from the ground and the inclined sitting angle.

How to find the ideal TV height

TV sets come in all sizes, and everyone has their own way of watching TV. The eye height when you watch TV can be used to determine the ideal height of your TV. For example, when you are sitting on the sofa, you should make sure that your TV is set at eye level.

If you want to install the TV on a higher wall, such as the kitchen or bedroom, you need to choose an adjustable TV stand. This will tilt the TV to the best view.

Here are some tips

  1. The middle of the screen is about 10-20 inches from the bottom of the TV. To maintain a comfortable viewing range of 35-45 inches between people and the TV, the bottom of the screen should be 25 inches away from the wall.

  1. Make a small pencil mark on the left and right walls of the center of the screen.

  2. Fix the base on the wall 15 inches from the mark, and then make another set of marks where the mounting screw holes are.

  1. If the pedestal is connected to the Central TV, you will have a comfortable viewing height for the whole family.

Wall type recommendations

Before installation, use stud detector to position the wood / stud on the wall to make sure there are no hidden pipes or wires. Always ensure proper wall plugs and screws are used – most AVF wall mounted products include solid wall and drywall fasteners with plasterboard / nails. AVF Unimax products include fasteners for any type of wall, even dry wall / gypsum board, without studs.

Make sure the wall structure and fixings support the screen and base. Before installing the screen, please check the strength of the installation. If you have any questions, please consult a qualified professional.

Best sight distance

Too far away from the TV, it will be difficult to watch subtitles or small details. However, if you are too close to the screen, it is not suitable to watch, and you can’t see all the details.

What’s the best way to calculate the correct viewing distance? Measure the distance to where you are located in centimeters and divide this number by 2.5 for Full HD and 1.5 for Ultra HD. See the following calculation example:

  1. Your couch is located 4 meters (400 cm) from your TV.

  1. Divide 400 cm by 2.5 = 160 cm. The result indicates that a TV screen with a diagonal dimension of around 160 cm is suitable for you.

  1. 160 cm equates to a screen size of 63 inches (160 cm divided by 2.54 = 63 inches).

  1. Take a look at the screen sizes that are closest to the size calculated to be the most comfortable.

This calculation is the most comfortable.

Select position and height during installation

You need to plan before you install a TV on the wall. Before drilling a hole in the wall, think about how you can save time, reduce stress, and where you should put your TV.

  • First of all, you need to choose a place that is easy to access the power socket, cable input source, speaker and accessories.

  • Then we need to determine the location of the cable box, game console and DVD player.

  • Consider installing a shelf under the installed TV to store the necessary equipment.

  • Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and vibration.

  • Load bearing wall must be selected. The walls must be able to safely support four times the combined load of the equipment and all connecting hardware and components.

How high the TV should be on the wall is a problem that most TV watchers face. Many people think that nothing is more important than figuring out how to install a TV.

The best viewing height is to place the monitor in the center of the eye level while sitting. Many people think this only applies to wall installations that are too low. Instead, they follow the following guidelines:

  • When sitting, the bottom of the monitor should not be higher than the eye height.

  • When standing, the top of the monitor should not be higher than the eye height.

Anything in this range should usually provide a comfortable viewing experience.

Next, test to find the correct installation height:

Cut out a piece of paper about the size of your TV, hang it on the wall where you want to be, and tape it to the wall.

Test this location from different locations around the room. Make sure it’s centered and not too high. When you look at it, it will strain your neck.

Knowing how to hang up a TV is not complicated with the right materials and tools. Decide which TV Wall Mount is best for you. Find out the new TV you want and the best viewing height. Install your seat frame and make sure it is level. Hang up your TV. Are you ready to find what you need for the project in your local store? We’ll take you to the right passage and bay.

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