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5 Types TV wall mount

There are many factors you need to consider about which bracket is best for you. What do you want your room to look like? Where do you want the TV to be placed? Each TV bracket has its own unique function. Choosing a TV bracket seems very simple, but there are many complicated things you have to consider


This type of TV stand holds the TV to the wall. The fixed wall mount is reliable and cheap. If you want to save money and space, this kind of wall hanging is the most suitable.


This kind of bracket can adjust the tilt angle of the TV. When you are sitting on the ground and the screen is higher than the level of the audience’s eyes, you can still watch TV, which is very convenient.

Full motion

This type of bracket can not only move the screen up and down, but also move to the left and right. The position of the screen is farther from the wall than other types of brackets. But when you move to other places, you can adjust the bracket to make your TV move and stay in your sight all the time.


In some cases, the TV stand won’t hold on the wall at all (brick wall, for example). In this case, you should consider ceiling installation. This type of bracket is to hang the TV from the ceiling, which can also provide you with a good perspective.

TV Cart

This portable TV cart can easily create a mobile media center, which provides a convenient and cost-effective way to share A / V devices between rooms. The slide solid design of the TV trolley provides a secure stand and a removable multimedia stand for 32 inch to 120 inch TVs to hold computers, media players or keyboards.