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We are professional audio-visual integration peripheral equipment manufacturing vendor. We fully understand the diversified needs of customers and strive to provide you with diversified audio-visual and perfect product solutions.

Our products have passed CE and ISO certification to ensure that the products you get from us are 100% qualified and of high quality.

Langfang Xingdi has 20 years of production experience. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as countries in the Middle East, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa, etc. enjoying a high reputation in the market, and have won unanimous praise from users.

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TV Wall Mounts Products

Why Choose Our TV Wall Mounts?

Production Capacity

10,000 sets per day, ensuring a faster delivery. We ensure fast delivery and eliminate the trouble caused to you by delayed delivery.

Security Assurance

The product is made of high standard galvanized steel and has obtained CE and ISO international certification. The products are tested before leaving the factory to ensure that they are 100% qualified. Keep you and your family members safe.

Competitive Price

Located in China’s largest steel production and hardware processing base, adjacent to Tianjin port, we provide the most competitive prices in the market to support your business.

Professional Team

Dedicated staff responsible for packing, transportation and after-sales. Respect for the unique culture and customs of different places. give you a better buying experience.

Customized Products

OEM services is provided. It can be customized according to customers’ requirements to meet the personalized needs of products.

Fixed TV Bracket Products

5 Types TV wall mount

There are many factors you need to consider about which bracket is best for you. What do you want your room to look like? Where do you want the TV to be placed? Each TV bracket has its own unique function. Choosing a TV bracket seems very simple, but there are many complicated things you have to consider

Fixed TV bracket

This type of TV stand holds the TV to the wall. The fixed wall mount is reliable and cheap. If you want to save money and space, this kind of wall hanging is the most suitable.

Tilting TV Bracket

This kind of bracket can adjust the tilt angle of the TV. When you are sitting on the ground and the screen is higher than the level of the audience’s eyes, you can still watch TV, which is very convenient.

Full motion TV wall mount

This type of bracket can not only move the screen up and down, but also move to the left and right. The position of the screen is farther from the wall than other types of brackets. But when you move to other places, you can adjust the bracket to make your TV move and stay in your sight all the time.

Ceiling TV mount

In some cases, the TV stand won’t hold on the wall at all (brick wall, for example). In this case, you should consider ceiling installation. This type of bracket is to hang the TV from the ceiling, which can also provide you with a good perspective.

TV Cart

This portable TV cart can easily create a mobile media center, which provides a convenient and cost-effective way to share A / V devices between rooms. The slide solid design of the TV trolley provides a secure stand and a removable multimedia stand for 32 inch to 120 inch TVs to hold computers, media players or keyboards.

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What is the material of the TV brackets?

The selection of high-quality raw materials is very important for the production of TV stand. In addition, raw materials have a great impact on its price, which is one of the important factors considered by the buyer. The quality of raw materials is very important. Raw materials shall be strictly tested before processing. This is to ensure its quality.

The TV bracket produced by Langfang Xingdi is made of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel refers to ordinary carbon construction steel, which can effectively prevent steel corrosion after galvanization, so as to prolong the service life of steel. At the same time, it also has various superior mechanical properties, especially in the industrial field.

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What should be paid attention to the installation environment of the TV brackets?

The installation environment should avoid humidity and direct sunlight, and pay attention to prevent the interference of other signals, otherwise the installation effect will be affected.

If you need to install a TV stand on the gypsum board wall, it is best to use the tilting Style TV stand, because it can leave room for pins to better distribute the weight over a large area. Other types of TV stands are more suitable for solid material walls.

If you use a full motion TV stand, your screen will not be very close to the wall, which may be a little strange in aesthetics. It is also a wall mounted installation and may not be suitable for installation on walls made of hollow materials, depending on the weight of the relevant TV.

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What should be paid attention to the installation position of the TV brackets?

Choose a good place to place the TV. You should consider viewing height, furniture and room layout so that you will have the best viewing experience.

Check whether there are wires or pipes behind the wall. Make sure that sunlight entering the room does not cause too much glare. Ensure adequate ventilation of the equipment.

After determining the best position, fix the base against the wall, use the bubble level to ensure that the base is horizontal, fix the TV bracket against the wall, insert the bolts and tighten them with a wrench. Do not over tighten the bolts, otherwise it will not work properly.

Locate the holes in the back of the TV, align them with each bracket, and screw them down. There are usually hooks on the TV bracket so that you can easily connect it to the wall mount, lift the TV and hang it on the wall mount. Check that all screws are tight to ensure that the TV is firmly installed.

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When installing the TV bracket, does the background wall material affect it?

Ordinary walls: Cement walls, concrete, solid bricks and other load-bearing walls with equivalent strength can generally use TV racks.

Special walls: marble, glass wall, porcelain, tile wall, gypsum board, hollow brick, veneer and other non-load-bearing installation walls, you can choose the embedded method, or use the TV mobile bracket.

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What is the proper installation height of the TV brackets?

TV sets come in all sizes, and everyone has their own way of watching TV. The eye height when you watch TV can be used to determine the ideal height of your TV. For example, when you are sitting on the sofa, you should make sure that your TV is set at eye level.

If you want to install the TV on a higher wall, such as the kitchen or bedroom, you need to choose an adjustable TV stand. This will tilt the TV to the best view.

Usually,The installation height is generally about 1 meter to 1 meter 2 from the center of the TV bracket to the ground. It can be adjusted according to the size of the TV so that it is more comfortable to watch.

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Is the TV bracket related to the TV brand?

The TV brackets has nothing to do with the TV brand, as long as it adapts to the size (the mounting hole of the brackets matches that of the TV, and the load-bearing capacity is no problem) can be installed.

Most wall brackets are universal, so they can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of screen sizes. Before you buy a bracket, make sure to check the applicable screen size and the maximum weight the stand can bear to prevent your TV from falling off the wall

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How many types of TV brackets?

There are six types TV brackets on the market:fixed TV bracket, tilting TV bracket, full motion TV bracket, TV stand, ceiling TV mount and TV cart.

Deciding how to watch TV will help you decide which type of installation you need. If your TV can be installed at the perfect height and you don’t have to connect to the socket or TV port often, fixed installation will be the best choice. The standard and ultra-thin installation design is the easiest to install, occupies the least space and has the lowest cost.

If your TV is high, such as above the fireplace, you need a tilted design. This will allow you to adjust the perspective up and down for the best perspective.

A full motion TV bracket is the perfect choice for installation in multiple seating areas and corners. This type of bracket is stronger than other models and keeps the weight of the TV in a fully extended position without sagging.

Ceiling TV wall mount for commercial applications, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, can easily adjust the height.

The TV cart has wheels that can easily move the TV anywhere in the home or around the office.

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When installing the TV bracket, does the background wall material affect it?

Ordinary walls: Cement walls, concrete, solid bricks and other load-bearing walls with equivalent strength can generally use TV racks.

Special walls: marble, glass wall, porcelain, tile wall, gypsum board, hollow brick, veneer and other non-load-bearing installation walls, you can choose the embedded method, or use the TV mobile bracket.

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How to choose the TV wall mount?

There are three things you should consider before you buy a TV wall mount. They are the size of your TV, the weight of your TV, and the VESA installation mode of your TV

1. TV Screen Size

Each TV wall mount has a suitable TV size range. If your TV is 24 inches, you should at least choose a TV wall mount with a range up to 25 inches. The TV wall mount can be adjusted to fit smaller TV sizes, and the wall mount description usually specifies the appropriate size for the wall mounted TV. The size of your TV screen gives you the easiest way to match the right wall bracket. Remember to measure diagonally from one corner to another.

2. Weight limit

You should also consider the weight limit of the TV wall mount. Most flat panel TVs meet the weight limits for the correct size of the TV wall mount. However, it’s better to check before you buy the wall mount. Both the TV manual and the label on the back of the TV should specify the weight of the TV.

3. The TV VESA

VESA sounds complicated, but it’s not! VESA represents the Video Electronics Standards Association. They’ve standardized the distance between the holes on the back of your TV, which means most modern wall mounts should be compatible with newer TV models.

It’s quite easy to check the mode of your TV, because most TVs tell you how to measure VESA in the manual.

If you have an old TV, or you can’t find the VESA specification in any TV related documents, it’s time to take out the tape measure!

To check the size yourself, measure between the vertical and horizontal holes on the back of the TV. Then when you buy the bracket, you just need to find the size that matches the TV.

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What is VESA?

VESA is the standard installation mode on the back of flat panel TV and monitor.

Most brands that produce flat-panel TVs and monitors use VESA installation mode. There are 4 screw holes (2 up and 2 down) on the back of the VESA compliant TV set to connect the VESA compliant mounting bracket, which matches the VESA mounting mode of the TV set.

Therefore, if the VESA installation compatibility of your TV or monitor is 400 × 600, the horizontal spacing of VESA screw holes on the back of the TV is 400 mm and the vertical spacing is 600 mm.

Depending on the VESA installation specifications for your TV / monitor, you need to use a mounting bracket that can accommodate the required VESA installation mode. You can see the full VESA mount specifications for all TV wall mounts that we carry. Just look at the “additional information” section of each product page.

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Does the weight of a TV have anything to do with its size?

Generally speaking, the size and weight of TV are closely related. A big TV will be heavier than a small TV. Each support has a maximum load range and VESA standard. As long as the monitor is within the specified range, the bracket can easily bear the weight of the TV.

In other cases, such as fixed brackets, it is best to make sure that your TV is wider than the bracket you will use. Otherwise, some sides of the base hang or protrude beyond the TV. For curved TVs, you may need a special wall mount to offset the edges.

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How to install TV wall mount? What should we pay attention to?

1.Make preparations before installation

2.Determine the TV installation position

3.Assemble the TV wall mount and fix it to the wall

4.Fix the TV to the TV wall mount

5.Protect the TV during installation

6. After installation, check whether the display is in the horizontal position

When selecting the TV bracket, please pay attention to the supported TV screen size and weight. Even if the size of the TV is the same, the weight of different brands is different.

The next thing to consider is the flexibility your TV needs to install. If you want to watch TV from other rooms, a good choice is rotary wall mounted. This will allow you to change the orientation of the TV to optimize the image on the screen, even if you are not sitting directly in front of the TV. If you install the TV above the average eye height (42 inches), you will want to invest in a downward inclined TV wall mount to improve image quality.

If the TV can be placed at the ideal height and you do not need to access the TV port regularly, fixed installation will simplify the installation, and the TV will be close to the wall and occupy less space.

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How to care for a TV wall mount while in use?

Avoid cleaning metal with water. Water may cause rusting and affect a TV bracket wall mount’s functionality. It may be difficult to tilt or even break due to wear and tear caused by rust.

The distance between the TV and the wall should not be too close, otherwise it is not easy to dissipate heat. There should be at least 15 cm between the TV support and the wall. The wall will be blackened after a long time of use, so try to leave some gaps during installation to ensure good heat dissipation of the TV.

All kinds of cable connectors of TV should not be close to the wall or too curved. Generally, the cable is placed behind the TV, which is more beautiful.

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