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  • Heavy duty base

  • 360° movable and lockable wheels

  • Height adjustment AV shelf

  • Tilt angle adjustment

  • Hidden cable management

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TV Cart Products

Model HT-1500

Suitable TV Size 32”-65”

VESA 600*400mm

Load Capacity 75KG

Model HT-1700

Suitable TV Size 32”-75”

VESA 600*400mm

Load Capacity 100KG

Model HT-1800S

Suitable TV Size 42”-120”

VESA 900*600mm

Load Capacity 200KG

Table of Contents

What is the TV cart?

TV cart is very practical and convenient. It is a vehicle shaped TV bracket, which is mainly used for large and heavy-duty displays.

The TV cart has firm structure and easy installation. It can be equipped with TV peripheral accessories and camera placement device. The movable TV cart conforms to ergonomics, can easily move in multiple directions, adjust the viewing angle and position as needed, and can achieve any visual effect.

Mobile TV cart is mainly used for remote video conference. It can easily move the TV to each conference room, saving conference costs.

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What should we pay attention to when choosing a TV cart?

The TV bracket is usually used to hang the TV on the wall. However, there is also a movable TV bracket. This is also called TV cart. It is suitable for remote video conference, shopping mall information display and other fields.

When purchasing TV Cart, the following points should be considered:

1. Determine the size, material, net weight, hole spacing and other parameters of the TV. Only after confirming these data can you select a TV cart with appropriate specifications.

2. Pay attention to the safety certification of products, and obtain product inspection reports and relevant certificates from merchants when purchasing.

3. Cost also needs to be considered. In addition to the price of the mobile TV cart itself, attention should also be paid to the installation cost. Generally, the installation cost varies according to the size of the TV.

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TV carts are most widely used in which field?

Video conference is booming, impacting people’s thoughts, unconsciously changing people’s working environment, and may also realize a new communication mode in the future.

TV cart is widely used in video conferencing. Ergonomically designed, it can be up and down freely and perfectly cope with different scenes, such as home viewing, so there is no need to install multiple TVs at home. You can push and go wherever you want. The cart can be used not only for large-scale video conference, but also for enterprise information display.

There is no need to install through the wall, which creates many convenient conditions for video conference and commercial display, reduces the idle rate of enterprise tools, and naturally reduces the cost.

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What are the advantages of TV carts compared to the TV wall mounts?

Now, the demand for TV is not as high as before.

In many cases, mobile phones and tablets have replaced many functions of TV. But some people still choose to buy TV which often leads to some problems.

The TV hanging in the living room limits people’s demand for watching movies in the bedroom. TV cart solves these problems. Using TV cart can not only act as a “mobile TV”, but also make the viewing angle change freely and watch more clearly.

Whether standing, sitting, lying, bedroom, balcony or living room, let the TV follow you without restriction.

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Why choose a TV cart?

With the acceleration of the pace of life and work, people pay more and more attention to the importance of time. Nowadays, video conferencing has become a mainstream way, and mobile TV cart has become more and more popular.

What are the advantages of TV cart?

1. Installation: It is easy to install without punching and can be used at any time. It is suitable for most TV models and sizes in the market.

2. Space: Applicable regardless of space size. No matter where you want to watch TV, you can move freely in your bedroom, living room or balcony.

3. Technology: Cold rolled steel is integrally formed, with exquisite technology and durability.

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Why do we choose TV cart?

1. High mobility

For example, if you need to show your project to new customers at a trade show, TV cart is perfect for you. Instead of putting your TV monitor on a random furniture, there may be an inappropriate viewing height, why not use TV cart to display your works in a professional way? The TV cart has four wheels and can move in different places.

Through the lock on the wheel, you can fix your TV cart on the ground and ensure that your TV cart will not shift!

2. Sturdy and durable

TV cart is made of SPCC (commercial grade cold rolled steel), which can accommodate various screen sizes according to the weight and size of your TV.

3. Fuss-free installation

Wall mounted TVs usually require a more complex installation process, including additional steps, such as checking the structural integrity of the wall’s load-bearing capacity and calculating the optimal viewing distance. TV cart provides the same viewing experience as wall mounted TV, with lower installation complexity. In addition to considering the size and weight of the TV, there are really no other problems!

4. Organized setup

TV carts are usually equipped with adjustable shelves where you can place additional electronic devices, such as laptops or DVD players. In addition, the TV cart with an internal cable management system ensures that your wires are clean, hidden, invisible, and protected from general wear and tear.

5. Adjustable

TV cart provides functions such as adjustable height and rotation to avoid glare of indoor light. Although these functions are not the main selling points, they are definitely good additional functions that can enhance the viewing experience of the audience, which cannot be realized by the TV on the furniture.

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