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Adjustable height design improves the viewing experience

  • Cable management function

  • Non- slip feet to protect your desk

  • Safety lock system

  • Height adjustable in 6 optional positions

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Universal Table Top TV Stand Products

Model D300

Suitable TV Size 32”-37”

Load Capacity 45KG

Model D500

Suitable TV Size 37”-55”

Load Capacity 80KG

Model DVD08

Length*Width 300*250mm

Load Capacity 25KG

Model HT-006

Suitable TV Size 26”-32”

VESA 400*400mm

Load Capacity 40KG

Model HT-007

Suitable TV Size 37”-55”

VESA 600*400mm

Load Capacity 60KG

Model HT-Q08

Length*Width 350*250mm

Load Capacity 20KG

Model HT-Q09

Load Capacity 20KG

Model HT-Q10

Length*Width 320*220mm

Load Capacity 15KG

Table of Contents

Which is better of TV wall mount or TV stand?

In fact, there is no good or bad, you need to choose the support according to your needs.

Wall mount: It looks fashionable and takes up less space. There are certain requirements for the wall, but the position can no longer be adjusted. Additional cabinets are needed for set-top boxes, DVD players, etc.

TV stand: there is no need to punch holes in the wall. It is convenient for adjustment and wiring, and takes up a little more space.

The function of wall mount is to save space. If you don’t need to move your TV, it’s best to hang it on the wall. In addition, the height should be appropriate.

How to place the flat-screen TV on the TV stand is the most reasonable?

The TV stand is usually placed on the TV cabinet in the living room. It looks simple and elegant. The TV in the living room also plays a decorative role. Generally speaking, if you choose to put the TV on the TV cabinet, you should consider the height of the TV.

It should be to sit down, lower your head slightly and look down slightly. Placing the TV in this way can avoid looking up and fatigue caused by watching TV for a long time.

When people watch TV, it is best to put the visual center in the center of the TV screen to obtain the best visual effect and reduce visual fatigue.

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Where should I put the TV stand?

In the ordinary TV flat panel TV, the heat dissipation is usually designed on the back or side back, so the back and the top, bottom, left and right of the TV need ventilation space.

If the storage space in the living room is insufficient, you can use the TV stand, which not only ensures the safety of the TV, but also meets the storage requirements. For flat panel TVs placed on TV stand, if they are placed on lower TV cabinet, the back of the TV shall be kept at least 15cm away from the wall.

It is best to keep a distance of more than 20cm between TV and other furniture. First, for the need of ventilation, second, it is very convenient to have a relatively sufficient operation position when connecting wires.

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What are the installation steps of the TV stand?

1. First, put the TV face down on a table or stool covered with soft cloth.

2. Install the TV hanging rod on the back of the TV with screws.

3. There is a slot under the TV. Align it with the base and place the TV on the base.

4. Finally, fix the connecting firmware with the TV body with screws to complete the installation steps of desktop TV base.

In fact, in the final analysis, the installation of TV stand is divided into three parts: TV body, connecting firmware and base. You can assemble yourself according to the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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Do we need to pay attention to the viewing distance when installing a TV stand?

When installing the TV stand, the viewing distance cannot be ignored, and the size of the TV screen affects the viewing distance to a certain extent.

For example, when the living room is about 25 square meters, the distance between the TV and the sofa is about 4 meters. 37–42-inch TV is more in line with people’s viewing habits. At this time, the visual advantages of TV plane and wide angle can be best reflected.

At present, the price of flat-panel TV of this size matches the economic ability of users living in a house with a living room area of about 25 square meters. However, if the TV screen is less than 32 inches, it will be a little difficult to watch.

The picture width is insufficient and the font is too small. After watching for a long time, your eyes will feel dry and tired.

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What is the biggest advantage of the TV stand?

As the name suggests, the TV stand refers to the bracket that can place the TV on the TV cabinet. At present, most of the TVS used in families are LCD TVs or flat-panel TVs.

Although in most cases, people will choose to hang the TV on the TV background wall, in some cases, the TV cannot be hung due to the insufficient bearing capacity of the wall. Therefore, different TV placement methods can be selected according to different situations.

The advantage of the TV stand is good heat dissipation, there is no need to disassemble and assemble the TV on the wall. It is convenient to insert the connecting line and move easily. It can be moved to any place you want to go.

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