There are several steps from deciding to buy a new TV to finally turning it on to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, sports and news. Some of these may be obvious, such as deciding what screen size you need, what features you want, and what brand of TV you need to choose. But there are also some small things to pay attention to, such as how you want to place your new TV. Most people will choose wall mounted TV, because as long as it is installed properly, it will not be bad for the TV.

Wall mounted installation is to attaching the TV directly to the wall. Whether in the living room or bedroom, you can put the TV on the wall opposite your seat, so you can watch TV in a convenient place. Wall mounted installation is not as easy as stand installation. Users need to spend some energy to attach the TV bracket to the wall and the TV to the bracket. If you are not used to using tools or drilling holes to install screws, you may need to find a professional to install wall mounted TV for you. Nowadays, most TVs have the option of wall mounting. In addition, many TV manufacturers will provide you with free wall mounted installation, so you just need to wait patiently for technicians to install it for you.

Wall mounted TV has both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage of wall mounted TV is to save space. You don’t need a table or other furniture to place the TV, which is very convenient in a small room or house. This is also aesthetically pleasing because it allows a simpler appearance and more flexible placement of the TV. You can also choose how high the TV you want is on the wall.

The wall installation also solves the problem of TV size; You don’t have to worry about whether the TV is suitable in the space you have, as long as your wall is large enough for the TV.  Therefore, you can have a larger screen size without worrying about how to place it in your living room.

However, this installation method also has its disadvantages. It usually requires professional installation, which may increase the cost and workload of purchasing new TVs.  Regardless of whether you do it yourself or have it professionally done, you’ll have to ensure the installation is secure and proper, since the mount will be holding up your heavy (and expensive) TV.

Improper installation may mean that the bracket is loose, causing the TV to fall and damage. In addition, extreme care is required in areas of severe vibration that may cause loosening of the base, such as near construction sites, railway tracks or railway stations.

Wall mounted installations may also make it difficult to access the ports on the back of the TV because most wall mounted installations are ultra-thin and the gap between the TV and the wall is small. This may also cause problems connecting other devices that need to be connected to the TV, or require special cables.

Additional equipment, including a set-top box, Blu Ray player, gaming console, or table-top steaming device, would require a table, stand, or cabinet to be placed on somewhere near the TV.Potentially taking away the space-saving and aesthetic qualities of the wall mount.

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