After purchasing the air conditioner unit, the next most important preparation is the installation of the air conditioner.

Although professionals will be responsible for air conditioner installation, you still need to consider some important factors to maximize the advantages of your unit and make the air conditioner run smoothly.

Factors to be considered in air conditioner installation

As a home or business owner, checking these factors from your list is very important role when you are preparing for the installation of air conditioner.

Location of indoor and outdoor units

Before the installation technician arrives at your home, it is very important to decide where to place the indoor and outdoor units. The ideal location of the indoor unit should be where the air can be distributed thoroughly without any interference. It shall be mounted on the wall at least 8-10 feet from the ground, but it shall be convenient enough for cleaning and maintenance. If the air conditioner is installed in the bedroom, it is recommended to install it above the bed to enjoy the maximum cooling effect of the unit. If the air conditioner is installed above the window, it shall be symmetrical with the window so that it appears to connect with the rest of the space.

For the outdoor unit, it is best to install it in open space such as a terrace, and the air can flow freely on the compressor and condenser. If there is no terrace, please select a sufficiently strong exterior wall, firmly fix the outdoor unit with an air conditioner bracket, and maintain appropriate air flow.

Strength of wall

Before installing the air conditioner, one of the most important things to pay attention to is the strength of the wall where the air conditioner is installed. Because you know your house better than technicians, you’d better choose a strong enough wall to support your indoor unit. Do not install air conditioners on uneven or false walls to avoid accidents. In addition to safety, if installed correctly for the first time, you can save additional air conditioner installation costs.

Space between air conditioner and wall

When installing the air conditioner, pay attention to the space between the air conditioner unit and the wall. Ideally, there should be at least 15 cm of space around the top and sides of the unit to keep proper airflow. (The same principle shall be adopted for the installation of outdoor unit air conditioner.)

Distance between indoor and outdoor units

If you want to maximize the cooling capacity of air conditioner units, you must pay attention to the appropriate distance between indoor and outdoor units when installing air conditioner. Keep the distance between them as far as possible to speed up the flow of unit coolant. The distance between indoor and outdoor units shall not exceed 15m, otherwise it will seriously affect the cooling.

Five crucial issues to consider when installing air conditioner

Ensure the strength of the wall

Usually, the indoor unit of air conditioner is installed on the side wall of the room. Therefore, ensure that the walls are strong enough to accommodate the air conditioner unit. It is not safe to fix the air conditioner on the false wall, and do not fix it on the uneven wall.

Check whether there is enough space between the air conditioner unit and the wall

When installing indoor and outdoor air conditioner units, sufficient space shall be reserved between the unit and the wall. The indoor unit needs to be at least 15 cm away from the wall to leave enough open space on the top and sides to ensure proper airflow. The outdoor unit shall also be placed in a well-ventilated place.

Ensure that the height of the indoor unit is appropriate

In standard size rooms, AC indoor units should be installed at least 7 to 8 feet above the ground. This height will ensure adequate and uniform cooling of the room.

Angle and inclination of outdoor unit

Take extra care when fixing the outdoor unit of the air conditioner to the air conditioner bracket. The bracket needs to have an inclination angle so that the indoor unit can discharge the condensate into the drain pipe at the same inclination angle.

Correct position of outdoor unit

In order to ensure the normal operation and sufficient cooling of the outdoor unit, it shall be installed in a perfect position. The unit shall not be exposed to direct sunlight or rain. The unit must be placed in an open space without hindering the heat dissipation of the condenser.

The outdoor unit must also be placed on a hard and flat wall. The main components of the air conditioner, such as compressor, fan motor and condenser, are located inside the outdoor unit and are easy to vibrate during operation. Therefore, improper installation may lead to valve body rupture, coolant leakage and compressor damage.

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