What is air conditioning wall bracket?

As the name suggests, the air conditioning wall bracket is a metal bracket fixed on the outdoor wall with wallboard and concrete bolts. The device is connected to the horizontal arm of the bracket, so it is above the ground.

High quality wall brackets are powder coated. This gives them a long-life span.

The wall bracket can be installed 2 meters above the ground. It’s high enough that most people can walk under it without hitting their heads, but it’s not so high that it’s hard to repair or clean.

Advantages of using wall bracket for your outdoor air conditioning unit:

  • Since the air circulation is not obstructed, the outdoor unit is installed on the ground to make it easier to keep clean. Leaves and soil are less likely to contaminate the outside of the air conditioner.
  • It’s easier to detect when there’s a leak.
  • Making a concrete base to accommodate uneven ground can be expensive.
  • It can avoid the water flowing into the unit due to untimely drainage during rainstorm.

Disadvantages of outdoor air conditioner using wall bracket

  • The main disadvantage of using a wall bracket is the sound of vibration passing through the wall. While some people may not be bothered by these vibrations, it may annoy others. You may not notice anything during the day. But at night, when it’s quiet, it suddenly becomes loud. The chance to experience noise and vibration depends on the age and structure of your house. If you sleep light, you should avoid installing air conditioning outside your bedroom.
  • If not properly installed, or poor-quality materials or weak supports are used, the supports may crack or bend.
  • The walls of your house need to be strong enough to support the combined weight of the device and bracket, otherwise there is a risk of bracket failure.

Every year, many people call air conditioning service, a large part of which is because the air conditioning is installed on the terrace. The most common cause is often incorrect installation. In many cases, when you place the air conditioner on a courtyard slab without a concrete foundation, or on some of the main supports under the patio slab, it will bend under the pressure year after year, causing damage. That means homeowners will have to level the air conditioning regularly with stones or something else.

Reasons for using wall brackets instead of mounting them on the ground to install air conditioning:

  • If you plan to decorate around your house some day later. This eliminates the need to relocate the device later.
  • If the ground is uneven, it needs to be greatly leveled.
  • If the outdoor unit needs to be installed in a certain place, the ground must be free of obstacles, such as narrow aisles along the side of the house.

What happens when the air conditioning is not level?

It is important to keep the unit level because it is horizontal when air conditioning is installed. If it starts to tilt, it puts a lot of pressure on the joint. These fittings are configured in the unit and hold the refrigerant lines together. If they eventually bend, they can easily crack and leak Freon or refrigerant into the atmosphere. First of all, it’s not good for the environment. Secondly, there is no refrigerant in the system, and the air conditioner can’t work. In many cases, it can lead to compressor failure, which will be a very expensive repair.

The importance of drainage

Another point to point out here is that wall brackets keep your installation above the ground and provide proper drainage space. When the air conditioner is on the ground, there is a hole at the bottom of the unit, which may be blocked for some reason. Proper drainage is very important for air conditioning, to ensure that anything entering the top: rain, snow, ice, etc., can be removed from the bottom, rather than piled on the air conditioning unit.

Avoid becoming a “toilet”

Finally, some furry animals, when the air conditioner is placed on the bracket on the wall, usually it is far higher than the area they use to make the air conditioner their “toilet”. In fact, animal urine is not good for air conditioning. Long time immersion will cause corrosion to air conditioning unit.

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