Although we don’t know how to install the air conditioner, we should all know that most of the outdoor condenser of the air conditioner are hung on the wall or placed directly on the balcony. When the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is hung on the wall, it needs to be fixed to the air conditioner bracket, so when choosing the air conditioner bracket, we should consider the stability and durability of the material. The following article describes the selection of the air conditioner and the selection of the air conditioner bracket.

Should you buy a central air conditioner or a wall mounted air conditioner?

This is a problem many people encounter in life, especially when you are in a very hot environment. The fact is that both types of air conditioners have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the end, which one you should choose depends on your situation. Choose the most suitable air conditioner according to your needs. Financial status also plays an important role in decision-making. The price of central air conditioning will be higher than that of wall mounted air conditioning.

Financial affairs

There are many variables in determining the long-term cost of any air conditioning unit. From humidity, required temperature, energy use of the unit, refrigeration habits and modes to the insulation of HVAC pipes, and the energy efficiency of the whole family, all these will affect the cost. So, there are many problems, but it doesn’t matter. We will help you find out which air conditioner is the best for you.

Energy efficiency is an important issue in the long-term financial burden, and maintenance costs are no exception. Generally speaking, central air conditioning is more energy-efficient than wall mounted air conditioning, but it needs to cool a larger area and requires more maintenance costs. In the long run, the big cost difference between the two is partly because people often forget to adjust the central air conditioning when they go out to work or on holiday.


Central air conditioning will cool a cubic foot of air more efficiently than wall mounted air conditioning and be used for cooling larger volumes. To further explain, one of the advantages of central air conditioning is that it can dehumidify air better than wall mounted air conditioning. The central air conditioner will make the water vapor in the air condense at a stable rate during the cooling process.

Due to the large working environment of central air conditioning, the dehumidification speed of family air will be faster and faster, and the effect will be higher. Wall mounted air conditioning is difficult to compete with, because even if the room dehumidifies well, heavy cool air will be blown away every time the door is opened.

Under what circumstances need to buy wall mounted air conditioning

For the wall mounted air conditioner with remote control, the best situation is to use it in the home with a small number of people. and when you add a new room to your house. In the long run, it will be more cost-effective to just add a wall mounted air conditioner instead of trying to convey the cold air further away. In this way, no matter where the residents were at that time, only a small part of the home area needs to be cooled at a time.

Nowadays, as the use of wall mounted air conditioning is becoming more and more popular, the market demand for air conditioning is also growing. Therefore, the matching air conditioning mounting bracket is becoming more and more popular. A lot of times, when we buy air-conditioning online, It doesn’t match the bracket. Why? First, because of the variety of models, it’s difficult to have so many brackets available in a unified way. Second, it’s the problem of safety, which is usually purchased by the buyer himself.

As we all know, the core of air conditioning is not only the safety of air conditioning, but also the safety of the bracket. An important factor affecting the service life of air conditioning support is the bearing capacity of outdoor unit installation. Generally, the bearing capacity of the air conditioner mounting bracket should not be less than 4 times of the weight of the air conditioner unit, and should not be less than 200kg, that is to say, the air conditioner bracket must bear the weight of 200kg. The outdoor unit of air conditioner should not be installed on the installation surface with loose material (such as brick wall of old house, hollow brick wall, etc.); when the installation condition is limited, the material strength and bearing capacity of the installation surface and the number of air conditioners installed on the same installation surface should be fully considered, and reinforcement or protective measures should be taken when necessary to ensure the safe operation of the air conditioner and personal safety.

Selection of air conditioning support

In fact, everything has its service life, air conditioning bracket is no exception. Generally speaking, the service life of angle steel support is 5-7 years, and that of galvanized steel support is 7-10 years, so it is obvious that galvanized steel support is better in terms of service life.

Now the most commonly used air-conditioning bracket has three kinds, 1 is the most common angle steel material, 2 is the galvanized frame with rust resistance, 3 is the stainless steel bracket with high market price. Angle iron is the lowest price, but its durability is not very good. Stainless steel bracket has the characteristics of air resistance, water resistance and rust resistance, but the price will be higher. Therefore, we recommend galvanized steel air-conditioning bracket with moderate price and perfect performance.

Here, we remind consumers that in addition to the right choice of air conditioner, a set of high-quality brackets is also necessary when purchasing air conditioner!

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