In the entertainment center of the family, TV is usually the main focus. TV wall mount is an important part of ensuring that you not only achieve the required design aesthetics, but also have the ultimate customized viewing experience. TV wall mount bracket is an indispensable part of any family. They help enhance the overall TV viewing experience while ensuring the safety of the TV. There are many choices that can help you create the perfect entertainment space.

The TV wall mount bracket ranges from basic fixed to Movable, providing unlimited flexibility for the location of the TV. The type of wall mount you need depends on several factors, such as room space and personal viewing preferences. Before you start choosing, ask yourself a few questions. What is the main viewing position of TV? Is it better to place the TV in a fixed position, or can you tilt it up and down or move it left, and right? Once you determine the location of the TV and the type of function you want, it’s easier to determine which wall mount is best for you.

Fixed TV Wall Mount

If you want a simple design, you can consider installing a fixed TV wall mount. We provide you with a large number of fixed slim TV wall mount brackets. They have a streamlined and neat appearance, which is very suitable for ultra-thin flat panel TVs. You can place the TV against the wall at the eye level and fix it on the wall to ensure safety, simplicity and beauty.

The fixed TV wall mount is made of durable and strong materials to ensure that your TV is safely and reliably hung on the wall. Before purchasing, please make sure to select the correct wall mount to support the weight and size of the TV. Installation is easy. Most brackets can be fixed to wooden walls, cement walls or metal. Each lightweight TV bracket is equipped with instructions and sufficient accessories to complete all standard installations. When installing, check that your TV is in front of the viewing area and that the screen is level with your eyes when you are seated.

Tilting TV Wall Mount

If you want to put the TV above your eyes, such as above the fireplace or in your bedroom, a tilting TV wall mount is a good choice. It has the same advantages of light installation as fixed style brackets because they are designed to be light and thin. However, tilting TV wall mount also has the advantage of enhanced function. The tilt bracket uses a special arm to tilt and adjust the angle of the TV screen up or down. It is very suitable for glare or TV is installed in a high place. Angle adjustment helps reduce screen reflections from windows or room lights.

Most brackets provide an upward or downward tilt of up to 15 degrees for optimal viewing and provide an open structure to provide additional ventilation and wiring channels. You can use matching accessories to make the installation process faster and easier.

Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Full motion TV wall mount provides you with greater flexibility. They have the ability to tilt and rotate at the same time, allowing you to place the TV in the best viewing position.Tilt up, tilt down, rotate right or left, no matter where you need your TV. If you want to put the TV in a large room with multiple viewing areas, or put the TV in a corner, the full motion TV wall mount is the best choice. If you’re going to put the TV in the corner, consider a full motion wall mount with double arms. This bracket is designed for corner space and allows you to tilt, rotate and extend the TV to your favorite position

Ceiling Mount

Ceiling TV wall mounts are an excellent alternative to wall mount brackets and are usually more suitable for smaller spaces or walls or rooms with unusual shapes. Ceiling TV wall mounts provide unparalleled flexibility with many adjustment points and 360-degree view. Ceiling TV wall mounts can also be used in a variety of locations, such as bars, restaurants or gyms.

For ceiling TV wall mounts, cable management is an easy task. You can choose the hollow straight through suspender design. Like all our TV wall mounts, it also comes with supporting accessories. You can easily install it by reading the easy-to-follow assembly guide.

TV Cart

If you need your TV to be mobile, consider a TV cart. The mobile TV cart provides a beautiful display solution and is an ideal choice for schools, enterprises, hospitals and digital signs. They are designed to ensure safe fixation most flat panel TVs and can be adjusted in height. The TV cart provides a unique cable management system, and the cables are usually integrated into the support rod.

Do you need to include DVD or satellite TV box? That’s all right. Most TV carts are equipped with shelf devices, providing the perfect storage solution. And each TV cart is a lockable caster, which ensures the safety while placing the TV. Because many TV carts are made of cold rolled steel, they are durable.

To sum up, when selecting the TV wall mount bracket, please remember the type of bracket you require and pay special attention to the weight that the bracket can bear. If you need help installing a new TV wall mount, please check our TV installation guide. Once you have installed a wall mount and connected to the TV, all you need to do is sit down, relax and enjoy your favorite programs.

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