The main reason why most people tidy up and hide TV wires in the living room is that they are not beautiful. In addition, there is another important reason to hide them, that is security. Especially when there are children at home, the TV wire sometimes causes tripping danger, or when people accidentally touch the TV wire, there may be the risk of electric shock.

If you’re looking for a stylish, fast solution to hide dense wires without making any permanent changes, you’re in the right place. I’ve collected all the best methods for you. You can easily hide your TV wire without digging a hole in the wall. Let’s have a look.

Make a wooden frame and cover it with fabric

This is a creative way to hide the TV cable without cutting the wall, but you must carefully choose the fabric to match the wall color and furniture of the room.

For the frame, you need four studs. You have to connect with each other with several screws (you can use strong glue instead) to get a rectangle.

As the next step, you must use staples (or glue) to connect the fabric to the wooden frame.

Install the wire duct and paint it the same color as the wall

Using cable ducts is one of the most effective solutions for organizing and hiding TV wires without cutting walls. You can find many types of wire ducts online or in local stores. Most are made of plastic, with a strip of tape on the back, which can be easily and quickly installed on the wall without screws.

Most TV wires management cable ducts are white. If your walls have different colors, it won’t blend perfectly. You can solve this problem by painting the wire duct before installation. Acrylic, model paint or enamel paint is very suitable for plastic surfaces. Before painting, do not forget to clean the wire duct with warm water and soap to remove any grease or dirt.

Hide the TV wires behind other objects

This is a basic technique that you can implement in a few minutes at no cost. If there is a table under the TV and the distance between the table and the TV is not too large, the effect is the best.

Put some home decorations, photo frames, plants or books under the TV and put them in place to cover the wires. Make sure you don’t just put items under the TV at random. They should look natural and integrated with the environment. That’s all.

Conceal TV wires behind wall trim

This is not the easiest and quickest way to hide the TV wires, but it is a good solution when you want to hide the TV wires on the fireplace.

Its main disadvantage is that it will be inconvenient to remove or add wires in the future. This method only applies if you are willing to take some time to remove the trim every time you add or remove new equipment to the TV (or if you don’t want to replace the TV soon).

The basic method is to hide the wire in a channel formed by two strips and cover it with a third strip. You need to make horizontal and vertical channels.

Before starting, I recommend that you plan and design the trimming work on paper and test the length of the wire. You can paint the slats in any color you like, but it’s much more convenient to do so before installing them on the wall.

Use a TV bracket that does the job for you

This is not the cheapest way, but it must be a fashionable and simple way to hide TV wires without cutting walls. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should buy a new TV bracket. If you already have it, it’s just to hide the wires. However, if you don’t have a TV bracket or want to replace it with a new one, this may be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

There are many types of TV brackets available on the market. I recommend the full motion TV bracket. This type of bracket has strong arms. You can easily fix the folded and shortened cable on the bracket with a cable clamp.

As you can see, if you want to hide the TV wires without cutting the wall, you have many options. If you’re tired of watching the ugly wires under TV, it’s time to control them and make them disappear.

You can perform most of the above methods in about an hour. You have many choices, just choose the one that suits you best.

No matter which solution you choose, planning is a very important first step before you start working. Don’t skip it, especially if your work involves multiple steps.

Hiding your TV wires will make your living room (or any other room) not only cleaner and orderly, but also safer for children, the elderly and pets.

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