Nowadays, it is usually necessary to install a TV on the wall in our home. TV takes up a lot of space, so sometimes hanging it on the wall is the best choice. However, will installing a TV damage the wall?

Technically, installing a TV will damage the wall because it must be drilled. In addition, if the hole is drilled incorrectly or the wall is accidentally hit when installing the TV, this may cause further damage. If you don’t mind the hole in the wall, there will be no problem installing the TV. Next, let’s learn how to install a TV without damaging the wall.

Decide where to put it on the wall

Before you decide to install a TV, be sure to pay attention to the weight of the TV itself, as well as the weight that the wall and the TV bracket used in installation can bear. Some TVs may weigh 100 pounds or more. If you can’t find a stud on the wall you want to support this weight, your TV may fall off. You need to find a wall and a TV bracket to support the full weight of your TV. You should immediately decide where to install the TV on the wall (e. g. center, corner, etc.). Usually, the TV should be at the same level as your eyes, so also consider where you will watch from in the room, such as your sofa or bed. It’s also important to think about what type of wall you’re going to face before you start. Brick and concrete walls are often the strongest, but installing a TV can also be the most challenging.

Measure it

After you choose a bracket, it’s time to measure your TV and your TV bracket itself so that you can make a plan for where to install it. Then, we recommend placing the tape where you plan to install the TV as a visual guide. This will help you maintain your installation position and put your TV where you want it. When placing the tape, you can also use a leveler to ensure that it is good, even during installation.

Use stud detector

Now it’s time to use the stud detector, a tool for locating studs behind the wall. The stud is sturdy part of the wall, which can fix the TV bracket on the wall. It can best support your TV and prevent any damage to the wall or the TV itself.

If you don’t have a stud detector, magnets can also be used instead. Then, according to the position of the studs in the wall, pencil mark where the screws supporting the TV bracket should be placed and where the bracket should be connected to the studs under the wall.

Install the TV bracket on the wall

After positioning and marking the position of the bracket, pre drill the stud with a drill bit. When these screws are screwed in, they should be strong and stable, which also shows that your TV installation is safe and will not damage the wall.

You should also use a level gauge to ensure that the bracket is level with the ground so that your TV doesn’t look bent after installation. Once you have prepared the holes, lean the brackets against the wall, and then drill the screws in, and finally they are installed.

Lift the TV

Now that you have installed the bracket on the wall, you need to carefully lift the TV and put it on the bracket. Then, screw the bracket to the back of the TV with screws and screwdriver to ensure it is secure. Depending on the type of installation, there may be several places to tighten and adjust the screws before completing the installation, so please check all positions to ensure safety. When finished, take a step back and make sure the TV looks as safe and even as possible.

Finally, you will find that you will like the beautifully installed TV, which is completely undamaged.

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