Searching for the right wall mount for your TV is no easy task. There are hundreds—if not thousands— of options available with different pricing, configuration, and size and weight ratings. We’re confident that this list we’ve put together will help you choose the right TV mount, but if you want to do your own research, here are a few guidelines to help you.

What type of mount are you looking for? Are you after a fixed mount, tilting mount, or articulating mount? Each type is ideal for different setups, so be sure to know what you need before starting your search.

Is it compatible with your TV? Besides the size and weight rating, you should check whether the screws at the back of your TV will fit the mounting bracket. Most TVs are VESA-compliant with screw spacing between 75mm x 75mm and 600mm x 400mm.

What’s the construction material of your wall? Usually, TV mounts are designed for drywall over wood stud installation. If you’re planning to install on a brick wall, masonry, or metal studs (for commercial installation), check that the mount is compatible with those materials or consider hiring a professional installer.

Can the mount hold the weight of your TV? If the size of your TV does not cause any issues, its weight might, especially if your TV is a little older. Check the weight rating of your mount to see if it can hold your TV. For good measure, get a mount rated to support 150% of your TV’s weight.

Is it easy to adjust post-installation? Depending on your particular application, it may be hard to get the TV installation right on the first try, even for experienced DIYers. Besides choosing a wall mount that is easy to install, we recommend getting one that you can adjust post-installation. Many mounts available today allow you to easily fine-tune the TV level by 5-7 degrees, even after the TV is attached.

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